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A Complex One-Loop LIbrary
with Extended Regularizations


The Collier library has been published in
[ 1 ] A.Denner, S.Dittmaier and L.Hofer,
        COLLIER: a fortran-based One-Loop LIbrary in Extended Regularizations,

An updated version of this article, which also serves as a manual, can be found here.

The methods implemented in Collier have been developed and described in the following references:

[ 2 ] A.Denner and S.Dittmaier,
        Reduction of one-loop tensor 5-point integrals,
        Nucl.Phys. B658 (2003) 175 [hep-ph/0212259]

[ 3 ] A.Denner and S.Dittmaier,
        Reduction schemes for one-loop tensor integrals,
        Nucl.Phys. B734 (2006) 62 [hep-ph/0509141]

[ 4 ] A.Denner and S.Dittmaier
        Scalar one-loop 4-point integrals,
        Nucl.Phys. B844 (2011) 199 [arXiv:1005.2076 [hep-ph]]

If you use Collier for a publication, please cite these references.